Staff(emaan clinic )

Extended Care Alcohol and Drug Treatment

An alcohol rehab or drug rehab facility is only as good as the treatment professionals attached to the program. At EMAAN, we are proud of the world-class team of addiction treatment professionals we have gathered during the past decades of service to the community. You or your loved one will be placed in the hands of qualified specialists with the experience, education and credentials to offer treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Specifically, our clinical staff features the best professionals in the field of addiction treatment. Our experienced, licensed and credentialed staff and independent affiliates include clinical psychologists, and family therapist counselors, clinical social workers, mental health workers and independent detox specialists. Many staff members have personal experience with drug and/or alcohol addiction, and are active in their own recovery. Every single member of our clinical team is committed to providing the highest quality care available.

We invite you to read through the following pages to familiarize yourself with our administrative staff and treatment team members. EMAAN graduates consistently rate staff involvement as the most important factor in their lasting recovery.

  • Addiction consultant
  • Psychiatrist
  • GPs
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Counselors
  • Male and Female Nurses
  • Supporting staff
  • HR & Administrative Staff