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About Us

Since last many years, EMAAN has been a leader in the field of addiction & psychiatric treatment having Clinic’s in Islamabad & Lahore which offers you or your loved one’s some of the most highly personalized alcoholism treatment, psychiatric treatment, drug rehab, and addiction recovery services in Pakistan.

High success rate for rehabilitation

Unlike most drug rehab centres EMAAN will not try to sell you on a ‘high success rate’ for drug rehabilitation, or attempt to fit you into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ alcohol recovery program, because our success comes through personalizing our drug treatment programs in the way we feel best fits your personal situation and needs. For instance, our programs are tailored to you, so we do not publish an on-line schedule at, because with over 100 ancillary rehab program options for you to choose from we can work with you to help ‘custom fit’ our program to who you are, or who you decide to become.

Change your life

From the business executive who needs to change their life, not leave it, to a son or daughter who needs to ‘check out’ of their lifestyle for a while, and the friend or family member who just ‘needs some help’, EMAAN Treatment Centers can tailor our programs to fit you or a loved ones needs.

After more than a decade of successfully treating people with addiction, we believe:


Addictions affects

Addictions affects every facet of an individualize life. Emaan Clinic’s components approach addresses the physical, Emotional, and spiritual components of the disease.



Success is measured by the client’s Willingness to accept his or her disease and ultimately, to become Responsible for his or her own recovery.


Chronic Addiction

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease. It is not curable, but it can be treated and managed.


Recovery takes time

Recovery is a life-long journey. Remission can be attained and maintained.

Want a life without drugs & addiction ?

We are glad you found us we are always here to help you !